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Reinhard Fust

Fangfrisch Berlin (Main agency)
Alessandra Martinez
+49 30 616 71380
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About me

Welcome to my profile page! I am Reinhard Fust, a passionate actor with versatile skills and a great dedication to the performing arts. On my website you will find a comprehensive insight into my past work and experiences as an actor. From plays to film productions, I have demonstrated my talent and passion for the art of acting. My goal is to touch the audience, inspire them and provoke them to think. I am always looking for new challenges and exciting projects where I can develop my talent and prove my skills. If you are interested in working with me or would like more information, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and working together on exciting projects.


Acting age
46-56 years
Place of birth
St. Gallen
Height (cm)
Eye color
Hair color
Hair length
Place of residence
Degersheim (CH)
Housing options
Munich (DE), Hamburg (DE), Zürich (CH), Frankfurt (DE), Berlin (DE)
St.-Galler German(native dialect)
GuitarKeyboard/SynthesizerPianoBass guitar
Scuba divingAlpine skiingBadmintonTable tennis
Main profession
Opera singing
Special skills
Audio dramaImprovisation
Driver's licenses
A - Motorcycle, B - Car
Other licenses
PADI Divemaster


Professional background

1983-84: Sprech- und Rezitationskurse bei Schauspielerin Ursula Bergen | 1984-87 Schultheater bei Autor und Lehrer Ivo Ledergerber | 2000: Schauspielkurse bei Eva-Maria Admiral & Eric Wehrlin | 2019/20 Kurs Meisner-Technik bei Marco Hausamann-Gilardi, ZES Embrach | 2020/21 Sprecherausbildung Advanced, David Burkhardt,

Other professional training
MasterClass in acting
Kurs Meisner-Technik
Online-Kurs "Der kleine Hey: Die Kunst des Sprechens"
MasterClass in acting
Studiengang für angewandtes Coaching
Eva-Maria Admiral & Eric Wehrlin
Klubschule Migros


Won BEST ACTOR (Christian Film Festival, Newport News VA)


The Very Last Christmas (Feature film)
Urs Hugentobler (MR) Reinhard Fust & Emanuel Engin Producer: Emaca Films & Respect4Acting
The Very Last Christmas (Teaser (film concept))
Urs Hugentobler (MR) Producer: Emaca Films & Respect4Acting
Der Vater (Short film)
Reinhard Fust Producer: Emaca Films Written by: Reinhard Fust
The Things We Do (Short film)
Karl Weiss (MR) Géza C. Mórocz Producer: Filmonauten GmbH / Kulturmarkt Zürich
Monotonie (Short film)
Herr Humbold (SR) Sinan Taner Producer: ZHdK Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
The Special Agents (Teaser (film concept))
Müller Ochs (SR) Richard Rabelbauer Producer: Sleeping Cat Productions
Talos (Short film)
Kommandant (MR) Carmela Schönenberger Producer: Tereza Caballero
Der Vater (Short film)
Reinhard Fust
Fugazi (Pilot)
Sergej Cetkovic (SR) Steven Buchli Producer: Steve McLee Films
Matt (Short film)
Schachspieler (SR) Emanuel Engin Producer: ICF SG Production
Der Weihnachtstag (Short film)
Thomas Breitenmoser (MR) Emanuel Engin Producer: ICF SG Production
Schrankgeschichten (Short film)
Richard Rabelbauer Casting Director: Reinhard Fust
Zwinglis Erbe (Feature film)
Huldrych Zwingli (MR) Alex Fröhlich Producer: Eutychus Production
The job - bloody mary (Short film)
Sir Roy Snyder (SR) Lukas Eggenberg Producer: nine films


Der Pakt mit dem Teufel (Theater recording)
Teufel (MR) Reinhard Fust Producer: Emanuel Engin
The Very Last Christmas (Drama)
Reinhard Fust Producer: Reinhard Fust
Ester (Drama)
Hassan (SR) Tamara Mielke
Die Zwangsjacke (Drama)
Main role Reinhard Fust
Christmas Experience (Drama)
Engel (MR) Sarah Wyss
City of Mercy (Drama)
Martin Fehr (SR) Tamara Mielke
Shoes Off (Drama)
Doc Frank (SR) Tamara Mielke
Das Ego-Camp (Drama)
Geri (SR) Beat Müller Producer: Schauspiel "GmbH"
Last Minute - oder einmal Familie retour (Drama)
Jürg (SR) Beat Müller Producer: Schauspiel "GmbH"
S... und andere Tabus (Drama)
Doktor (SR) Beat Müller Producer: Schauspiel "GmbH"
Friedrich Dürrenmatt's Herkules und der Stall des Augias (Drama)
Herkules (MR) Ivo Ledergerber Producer: Ivo Ledergerber


Cars4Life (Speaker)
Voice Over Emanuel Engin Producer: Emaca Films
Verhalten im Brandalarm (Speaker)
Voice Over Benjamin Pipa Producer: Contenthouse GmbH
Adväntgers (Audio drama)
Clemens (SR) Daniel Gut Distribution:
QuickReg (Speaker)
Voice Over Benjamin Pipa Producer: Contenthouse GmbH
Hausklang-Studio (Speaker)
Voice Over Dominik Meier Producer: Hausklang-Studio