Bigna Körner

Bigna Körner

About me

Bigna grew up as one of three girls in eastern Switzerland. After a carefree youth, she trained as a teacher and then taught a 5th/6th double class in St. Gallen. After two years of professional experience, she couldn't let go of her passion and decided to turn her hobby into a profession.

Bigna moved to Munich, where she trained as an actress. After qualifying for the stage, Bigna was engaged at the Metropoltheater in Munich, later moved to Basel to join the theatre company and spent a summer at the Winterthur Summer Theatre. Bigna toured Switzerland with the successful play "Traumfrau Mutter" and has been a member of the Hagenwil Castle Festival ensemble since 2011, where she plays one of the leading female roles every year.

In 2017, Bigna was awarded the Culture Prize of the city of Wil, which honours her for her cultural work. Also in 2017, Bigna won the Schlossfestspiele "Die goldene Glocke" recognition award for the role of Dr Mathilde von Zahnd in Dürrenmatt's Physikern.

Bigna Körner has appeared in several film and television productions at home and abroad. These include productions such as "Der Bestatter", "Zwiespalt", "Verdacht", "Mord hinterm Vorhang", "Der Capelli Code" with Iris Berben and Klaus Maria Brandauer, as well as series such as "Das Bloghaus", "Die Wache", "Um Himmels Willen" and "Wilder Kaiser".

In addition to her work as an actress, she also works as a director and theatre teacher. 

As a mother of two, she lives with her husband and family back in eastern Switzerland.


Acting age
46-56 years
Year of birth
1974 (50 years)
Place of birth
Uster / ZH
Height (cm)
Eye color
green brown
Hair color
dark blond(e)
Hair length
Place of residence
Wil (CH)
Housing options
Munich (DE), Basel (CH), Zürich (CH)
BairischBasel GermanBundner GermanSt.-Galler German(native dialect)SwabianSwiss-German(native dialect)Thurgauer
Alpine skiingClimbingHikingPilatesSailingScuba divingSwimmingYogaskiing
Main profession
Driver's licenses
B - Car
Other licenses
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, Sport boat driving licence within, Sport boat driving licence within under sail, Sports boat captains license see, Sports high seas ships certificate under sail, Sports Lake ships slip only motor (up to 30 SM), Sports Lake ships certificate under sail (up to 30 SM)


Primary professional training

1997 – 2001
Schauspiel München

Other professional training

FOCAL Mentales Training für Schauspieler mit Peter Schaltegger
FOCAL Dialekt im Film mit Gabriela Kasperski
Barbara Fischer Schauspiel-Training
FOCAL Schauspielworkshop mit Barbara Fischer
Hörspielworkshop bei Sollberger Sounds
Camera-Acting an der HFF München
Schauspielausbildung bei Schauspiel München


Schweizer Filmpreis mit Weglaufen geht nicht (Feature film)
Bester Film für Zwiespalt am Filmfestival Baden-Baden
«Goldene Glocke» Anerkennungspreis der Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Kulturpreis 2017


iCarus (Cinema film)
Daniels Mutter (GR) Caro Wloka Distribution: CineRoyal Production
Frieda's Fall (Cinema film)
Frau Hartmann (SR) Maria Brendle Producer: Hans Syz Distribution: Condor Films Casting Director: GlausundGut Casting
Zeit & Lust (Short film)
Moni (MR) Pablo Callisaya Producer: Pablo Callisaya Distribution: Tapir Filmatelier
500g Alltag
Antiautoritäre Mutter (MR) Manuel Häfele Producer: EMH Films Distribution: Kurzfilm
Risiken und Nebenwirkungen
Arzthelferin (MR) Heide Fliegener Producer: HFF München Distribution: HFF München


Der Bestatter
Mandy Bretscher (MR) Barbara Kulscàr Producer: Snakefilm Station: SRF
Weglaufen geht nicht
Krankenschwester (SR) Markus Welter Producer: C-Films Station: SRF
Sandra Moser Justizdirektorin (SR) Barbara Kulscàr Producer: Plan B Station: SRF
Capelli Code
Softwarespezialistin (SR) Alex Martin Producer: European Star Cinema
besorgte Mutter (SR) Sabine Boss Producer: Dschoint Ventschr Station: SRF
Saskia - Angst um ihre Tochter
Saskia (MR) Volker Schwab Producer: Constantinfilm Station: Sat1
Mord hinterm Vorhang (Feature film)
Brigitte Walcher (SR) Sabine Boss Station: SRF Distribution: SRF
Das Bloghaus
Heidi Tudenhofer (SR) Peter Wekwerth Producer: Saxonia Media Station: BR und KIKA
Um Himmels Willen
Anneliese (SR) Ulli König Producer: ndf München Station: ARD
Hausmeister Krause
Kathrin - Wirtin vom Dackelclub (SR) Gerit Schieske Producer: Constantinfilm Station: Sat1
Hanna's Baby
Studentin (SR) Diethard Klante Producer: ndf München Station: ZDF
Wilder Kaiser
Dame vom Jugendamt (SR) Peter Weissflog Producer: mecom fiction Station: ZDF


Der Tag an dem der Papst gekidnappt wurde (Drama)
Sarah Leibowitz (MR) Florian Rexer Producer: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Traumfrau Mutter (Drama)
Barbara (MR) Deborah Neininger Producer: MaagMusicHall Zürich Theater: Maag Halle Zürich
Die kleine Hexe (Drama)
Windhexe, Holzweib, Kundin (SR) Erich Vock Producer: Spock Production Theater: Bernhard Theater Zürich
Amphitryon (Drama)
Charis (SR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Mirandolina (Drama)
Mirandolina (MR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Die schwarze Spinne (Drama)
Teufel (MR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Arsen und Spitzenhäubchen
Martha (MR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Traumfrau Mutter
Barbara (MR) Deborah Neininger Theater: Maag Music Hall
Die Affäre der Rue de Lourcine
Norine (MR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Die Physiker
Frl. Dr. Mathilde von Zahnd (MR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Der Revisor
Anna Andrejewna (MR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Der Froschkönig
böse Fee, Erzählerin, Königin Florian Rexer Theater: Wintertheater Amriswil
Miss Prism Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwils
Der Neurosenkavalier
Regie (Ot) Bigna Körner Theater: bühne70
Der zerbrochene Krug
Marthe Rull Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwil
Traumfrau Mutter
Barbara (MR) Rüdiger Burbach Producer: Maag Event Hall Theater: Maag Music Hall
Der eingebildete Kranke
Toinette (MR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwilo
Die Physiker
Regie (Ot) Bigna Körner Theater: bühne70
Diener zweier Herren
Beatrice (MR) Florian Rexer Theater: Schlossfestspiele Hagenwiloo
Krimitage Liechtenstein
Andrea Bissegger (MR) Paul Steinmann Theater: Krimitage Liechtenstein
Die Mausefalle
Mrs Boyle Matti Wien Theater: Sommertheater Winterthur
Das Orchester
Ermeline Jule Ronstedt Theater: Metropoltheater München


Oper "Cavalleria Rusticana" (Speaker)
Erzählerin (GR) Regina Heer Producer: Musiktheater Wil Distribution: Tonhalle Wil
Kalte Schulter (Audio drama)
Pia Schnorf (SR) Reto Ott Producer: SRF + SWR Distribution: Radio SRF + SWR
Oper "La Traviata" (Speaker)
Erzählerin (GR) Regina Heer Producer: Musiktheater Wil Distribution: Tonhalle Wil


Moderation Talentshow Das grösste Talent der Region (Drama)
Moderatorin (MR) Producer: Tonhalle Förderverein


TS Tor & Service AG (Image movie)
Payroll Plus (Commercial)
Credit Suisse Roger Federer
IKEA - Köche
Ifolor - Hochzeit